The Hottest Wi-Fi Hotspot Management Software! Start Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Service Instantly With No Hassle

Suitable for apartment, school, hospital, office, cafe, conference and more. Install in PC server to manage and control internet, very reliable, tested with more than 500 concurrent users

Wi-Fi – Gateway to Internet

Whenever someone connect to your Wi-Fi hotspot, they will see system login page everytime, Bluebox make sure that no one can access internet without you knowing, however you make exception for specific users group by bypass MAC address within Auto Login function

Take Only 5 Minutes to Install!

After finished your purchased you will receive an ISO file in your email use to install Bluebox and it will take only 5-10 minutes to install

Manage Everything With Bluebox Manager

Bluebox Manager is a tool for managing your users and all your network which only Admin or Staff will have access to this tool

Design to Support Every Smartphone

Bluebox Manager is designed with responsive design to support every smartphone screen, we can guarantee Bluebox will work on every devices

Keep Log of Every Activities

Bluebox can be use for evident or log for something important because the system keep encryption log and log hashing to ensure that all logs can't be edit and truthful, so you can use as a proof in case you need them

Network Traffic Monitoring

To ensure smooth internet usage and monitoring your internet effectively so you can be ready to response in case of emergency network failure and you can see all your previous internet usage data too

Manage Your User Experience Like A Boss

User is the key of Bluebox, everything that related to user will be manageable in user control center and you can easily control them right away

Who's Online and What Are They Doing?

You can see who is currently online in real-time and see how long have they been online or how much network bandwidth are they using, more over you can even check who is using BitTorrent!!!

Speed Up Your Internet – Web Accelerator!

Print Internet User Card

Create internet user and print their card in just 1 click, you can customize and design your user car

Import & Export Users

Whatever you want to use Bluebox for whether it is for organization, school, you can easily import/export your users in Excel format

Profile Control

You can control user type, bandwidth, duration by date/time or block any website for any certain group

Access Point Monitoring

Monitoring your multiple access points via Bluebox and get notify of problem on any access point

Block BitTorrent

Encrypted BitTorrent is very hard to block if you are relying on only Layer 7 Firewall, we have developed searching, analyze and tracking system for BitTorrent users in network to block BitTorrent effectively

Advanced Firewall

We have packed away all hassles and confusion about Firewall so our users don't have to, you can become Firewall expert easily and all your Firewall will be show in one page

Real-Time Report

No one want someone to use your network for malicious reason, Bluebox can detect any malicious activities in the system in real time and can be open in Excel. You can use the file to analysis straight away and good part is Bluebox can keep log, report and analyze any BitTorrent, Netcut and HTTPS activities

Load Balance With FailOver

You can connect up to 4 WANs to support higher internet bandwidth according to number of users and line switching system when any line is down to ensure that your internet won't be disconnect altogether so you can keep being online all the time

Using Bluebox Manager Anywhere With Dynamic DNS

Bluebox Required Very Low PC Server Spec

Bluebox was developed with low resource usage in mind so the system can be use in most PC Server


Sometime no Wi-Fi Hotspot can satisfied all your needs, Bluebox allow you to create your own app (plugin) to customize and expand function that might be useful for you

Stronger Security

Bluebox really prioritize security whether it is DDoS or Brute-force, moreover you can be sure that no one can cloning MAC address or using Netcut without you knowing in Bluebox

Bluebox Keep Evolving

We have a long developing plan for Bluebox, don't worry you will keep getting update from us. Bluebox in tomorrow will keep getting better and better, this is not even half of our plan! Start using Bluebox today and watch it grows together




  • BlueBox Internet Management Life time license
  • LAO/EN/THAI menu supported
  • Internet USER & GROUP Management
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Internet Traffic Control
  • Access Point Status Check
  • Internet Usage Report
  • Free User Manual and Installation Advise
  • Free 1 year online support




  • BlueBox Internet Management Life time license
  • LAO/EN/THAI menu supported
  • Internet USER & GROUP Management
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Internet Traffic Control
  • Access Point Status Check
  • Internaet Usage Report
  • Free Installation and User Manual
  • Inter Bandwidth Management Device (Support 4WANs)
  • Mikrotik RB Router
  • Internet Server (Core i3, RAM 4GB + 2 LANs Module)
  • UPS 500VA
  • Free 1 year support and maintenance
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